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Deputy Information Management Manager/RAQQA

RAQQA, 09/08/2020


Solidarités International seeks to recruit:
Deputy Information Management Manager
Location of position: RAQQA
I. Presentation of organization
Solidarités International is an international humanitarian organization present in Syria since 2013. The mission
currently consists of emergency and post-emergency programs in the following regions: Raqqa governorate,
Deir ez Zor governorate.

II. Mission/Objectives:

Under the supervision of the Information Management Manager, He/She is responsible for ensuring
compliance with procedures linked to proper Information and data management by the program teams.
 is responsible for the creation of tools specific to each program for the collection, processing,
analysis, visualization, sharing and archiving of data.
 provides technical support on information and data management tools and ensures their proper
use by program teams.
 ensures the quality of data collected in the field
 Supports on reporting to indicators in coordination with MEAL, Program and IM teams
 produces visuals following data processing, in support of program and MEAL teams
 Support IM coordination teams on IM strategic tasks when requested by IM Manager
Human resources management (if it is a team leader position)
 Participate in the recruitment, coaching (induction, performance evaluation) and training of
people under his/her responsibility.
 Lead the team: planning management, team meetings, coordination with program teams, leaves
 Ensure that the safety rules and logistical and administrative procedures are respected by the
personnel under his/her supervision in coordination with the respective departments
Reporting & Internal Communication
 Ensure Data quality through prompt reporting to the Information Management Manager any
problem or information having an impact on the activities or reporting
 Develop and/or contribute to the analysis and creation of products based on programme data, in
collaboration with the MEAL teams, before sharing and disseminating them to the field teams.
 Participate in general meetings, working sessions, and contribute to the situation report
 Under Management request, participate in specific ad-hoc reporting or data provision exercise.
IM_DM – Aug2020
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Information, Data Management and program tools
 Apply the procedures associated with the proper management and security of programme data,
in compliance with the cycle of the responsible data.
 Design and develop tools and databases (e.g. encoding and testing of questionnaires, adapt PMs
Databases for the reporting requirement), based on the program & MEAL activities implemented
in the field
 Train related staff on the use of the designed tools and data bases and provide feedback to
collecting team managers to assure data accuracy collected from the field and providence of
relevant, timely and accurate data at reporting level
 Facilitate access to program data in remote project and/or team management (e.g. OwnCloud
good practices)
 Create, update and deploy questionnaire on the field in link with the program & MEAL team
(Kobo forms)
 Cross check and clean data collected from the field, ensure regular updates of databases and
solve eventual discrepancies
 Be responsible for the archiving and backup of programme information (paper and computer)
Data visualization and mapping
 Produce visuals (dashboards or maps), from primary and secondary data, in response to requests
made by the teams.
 Support analysis and decision-making by program and operational teams through relevant
mapping of the humanitarian situation.
 Ensure that the results are shared with the people concerned (dashboard, maps)
Technical support to relevant SI teams
 Identify technical training needs (data entry, mobile data collection, GPS use, data visualization,
 Contribute to Conducting Capacity needs assessments and draft capacity building plans related
to IM needs
 Create training material based on capacity needs assessments conducted
 Contribute to conducting IM Capacity building trainings to relevant staff
 Provide technical and methodological support to programme teams in the creation and use of
tools for data collection, monitoring, export, management and storage
 In Coordination with MEAL team , support in the training of enumerators for primary data

IIII. Profile required

- Diploma (Bachelor or Master) in IT, IM or computer sciences + 3 years of experience in the same
areas including 1 to 2 years in a similar position: with mobile data collection ODK (ONA, KOBO…),
with data analysis (Excel), data visualization (Power BI, QGIS, etc.), data analysis/data visualization
and producing reports.
- If no diploma or lower diploma in these areas equivalent and 4 to 5 years progressive experiences
in IT or IM will be requested including 1 to 2 years in a similar position: with mobile data collection
IM_DM – Aug2020
ODK (ONA, KOBO…), with data analysis (Excel), data visualization (Power BI, QGIS, etc.), data
analysis/data visualization, and producing reports.
- Excellent computer skills
- Ability to work autonomously while maintaining a dialogue with the different teams (proactive
- Willingness to learn new skills, use new software’s, etc.
- Language: Arabic (mother tongue) and English (spoken and written.) English is the working
- Experience working for a INGO preferred
Please submit your application (CV, cover letter) by email to:
with the following subject “IM_DM_AUG2020”.
Only English CVs will consider for the next step of the recruitment process
Final date for applications: 23/08/2020
This position is conditioned to the validation of coming funding. It means that the recruitment
process might be stopped because of lack of financing.
Only selected candidates will be contacted for the next steps of the recruitment process.
Feras Abdullah, Administrative Manager

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