Solidarités International seeks to recruit:
SHELTER Program manager
Location of position: RAQQA
I. Presentation of organization
Solidarités International is an international humanitarian organization present in Syria since 2013. The mission
currently consists of emergency and post-emergency programs in the following regions: Raqqa governorate,
Deir ez Zor governorate.

II. Mission/Objectives:

The program manager is in charge of implementing and achieving the objectives defined in the
He/she is in charge of supervising the operational teams allocated to his/her program.
He/she guarantees the proper execution and the quality of the implemented program and, if applicable,
suggests adjustments or developments to ensure its relevance.
List of main tasks:
Project relevance, quality and design
 Contribute to establishing assessments
 Contribute to define Solidarités International’s local strategy and contribute to the annual
programming by proposing new activities
 Organize and facilitate evaluation missions
 Propose a technical approach and a financial, human and logistical scope for the programs to be
 Write the technical annexes and chapters (including the logical framework) for the proposals
 Implement activities in compliance with the annual operational strategy, Solidarités
International’s technical requirements and the financial donors’ criteria
 Evaluate the relevance of the activities carried out, as well as the effectiveness of the
interventions and their appropriateness with respect to contextual developments and the
populations’ needs
 Propose adjustments to the programs, if necessary
 Ensure that the programs under his/her supervision achieve the required results
 Ensure that program objectives meet sustainability requirements and, if required, compliance
with established norms and standards
 Participate in building the SHELTER teams’ abilities with respect to techniques or new
Implementation and operational monitoring
 Plan activities and activity cycles for SHELTER (hiring, purchasing, etc.) in the light of established
 Used the project management, monitoring and evaluation tools for SHELTER, particularly the
planning and monitoring timeline
 Propose and implement quality criteria and monitoring indicators for SHELTER program
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 Support and advise to the base’s logistical department for the purchase of specific materials for
SHELTER activities
 Plan and supervise the SHELTER program implementation he/she is in charge of, being sure to
meet deadlines and adhere to predefined technical specifications
 Supervise and provide support for the SHELTER managers; monitor and evaluate the
implemented SHELTER activities
 Anticipate any issues linked to carrying out the SHELTER activities and help to resolve any
problems related to the SHELTER activities
 Suggest any adjustments to be made to the SHELTER activity depending on contextual and
indicator developments
 Working with the administrative department, contribute to developing budgets relative to
his/her program and monitor expenses and budget forecasts
 Working with given project manager, draw up requirement statuses and cash flow needs.
 Use the capitalization tools proposed by Solidarités International
 Participate in the centralization and distribution of procedures, guides and tools linked to the
SHELTER activities
 Capitalize on intervention methods and techniques and on the experiences acquired by
Solidarités and other participants in the SHELTER activities
 Write procurement and handover reports before the end of his/her contract and send it to the
appropriate persons on the mission and at headquarters
Personnel management
 Participate in validating the hiring of national technical staff for activities
 Define the prerequisites for opened SHELTER positions together with the administrative
department; adapt existing job descriptions if required
 Greet and brief the expatriates working on the program
 Identify and pass on any training needs for SHELTER teams
 Set up technical training depending on SHELTER operational needs and identified training
 Manage and support the team under his/her responsibility
 Lead work groups and thematic meetings
 Evaluate and assess the performance of colleagues under his/her direct supervision
 Ensure adherence to security regulations by personnel under his/her supervision
Reporting / communication / representation
 Pass upward to the relevant persons any information on the security situation or on any event
that could impact Solidarités activities and the safety of the teams
 Draft activity reports and any annexes relating to specific activities for the financial donor
reports and/or amendments
 Ensure that all reports are delivered on time and in the correct format
 Maintain a local operational communications network and good relations with local and
government authorities, financial donor representatives, UN agencies and other international
 In his/her assignment area, represent Solidarités International’s at meetings or forums
concerning the SHELTER activities
 Represent the organization when asked and/or delegated to do so
 Reply to headquarter information requests regarding specific needs
 In collaboration with the SHELTER /program coordinator, prepare the administrative documents
(MOU, handover, etc.) to be jointly signed with government authorities, communities or

IIII. Profile required

- Diploma, Bachelor or Master level education in a Construction or Civil Engineering related field
OR and At least 3 to 4 years working experience in Shelter or Construction, of which at least 2 to
3 years must be experience with an INGO in a similar position mandatory.
- If no Diploma or lower diploma equivalent of 4 to 7 years progressive experiences in the same
areas mandatory. At least 3 to 4 years working experience in Shelter or Construction, of which at
least 2 to 3 years must be experience with an INGO in a similar position mandatory.
- It is mandatory that the above experience should demonstrate both management of activities
related to institutional or private repairs, and the management of projects (including project and
budget cycles)
- Very good communication and reporting skills (oral, written) in both English and Arabic are
- Very good diplomatic skills and sense are mandatory.
- 1 year experience in team management will be a plus
- Experience with Solidarites International a strong plus.
Technical competences :
- Knowledge of construction practices in Syrian context is mandatory.
- Knowledge of the construction market in Syria, and ability to produce tender documents such as
technical specifications and Bill Of Quantities, along with estimations of cost, is mandatory.
- Familiarity with and ability to refer to relevant Syrian Building Codes (e.g. span to depth of
structural elements for various configurations) will be an advantage.
- Basic structural understanding of all typical construction materials, including reinforced
concrete, steel, and masonry will be an advantage.
- Basic knowledge of AutoCAD, sufficient to produce accurate 2D drawings, is mandatory.
Knowledge of advanced functions, or experience managing draughtsman, will be an advantage.
Please submit your application (CV, cover letter) by email to:

 with the following subject “SHE_PM_AUG2020”.
Only English CVs will consider for the next step of the recruitment process
Final date for applications: 15/08/2020
This position is conditioned to the validation of coming funding. It means that the recruitment
process might be stopped because of lack of financing.
Only selected candidates will be contacted for the next steps of the recruitment process.
Feras Abdullah, Administrative Manager

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