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موظف لوجستي - إعزاز



موظف لوجستي - إعزاز

رمز الوظيفة:  Log.aza.016


 متطلبات العمل:

أساسية :
2 سنوات خبرة سابقة في مجال المنظمات غير الحكومية الدولية / القطاع الإنساني.
خبرة سابقة لمدة عام على الأقل في دور لوجستي مع المنظمات غير الحكومية الدولية.
اللغة الإنجليزية المكتوبة والمنطوقة (المستوى المتوسط ​​B1)
مهارات الحاسوب (حزمة MS) وتكنولوجيا المعلومات والمهارات الفنية
قدرة عالية على تنظيم عمله وإدارة الأولويات و الانتباه للتفاصيل
مهارات قوية في التعامل مع الآخرين وبين الثقافات
القدرة على العمل تحت ضغط مرتفع وبدون إشراف مستمر
السلوك الإيجابي
مرغوب فيه:
رخصة قيادة سارية المفعول مع سجل نظيف.
خبرة في إدارة شؤون الموظفين والمطلوبة.
خبرة في تدريب أو تدريب الموظفين
الإقامة في مدينة اعزاز أو بالقرب منها ميزة

Job Description:

Purchase logistics

Manage and process local purchases in accordance with Procurement.


  • Advertise and distribute requests for quotations for submission to Duhok as required.

  • Holding and facilitating procurement committee meetings as necessary.

  • Train and guide purchasing committee members as needed.

  • Conduct a local market survey for key program supplies.

  • Create and maintain a fair, transparent and accurate list of approved suppliers for the local market

  • Support the Logistics Manager with tender procedures as necessary

  • Work with suppliers to understand terms and conditions and code of conduct 

  • asset Management

  • Responsible for ensuring that all assets and equipment are tagged and recorded in the asset register as soon as they are purchased/received and before they are handed over to employees

  • Update high-value item issue sheets as required.

  • Complete asset verification and asset management in accordance with Asset Management Guidelines.

  • Storage

  • Ensure warehouse facilities are managed properly and inventory records are maintained accurately and correctly.

  • Ensure that the warehouse is clean and tidy by following correct inventory management procedures

  • Perform spot checks on inventory regularly.

  • Complete/review settlement/weekly/monthly inventory movement.

  • Transfer

  • Ensure that contracts for all rental car drivers are maintained accurately and in a timely manner.

  • Support personnel responsible for transportation to efficiently manage the utilization and allocation of the fleet.

  • Ensure timely completion and submit monthly transportation analysis report.

  • Protection

  • Ensure that all logistics personnel especially drivers and passengers are aware of security and adhere to the guidelines in practice and reporting.

  • Staff management

  • Manage plans and capacity to build the logistics/warehouse assistant, facilities and transportation, and support them to fulfill their role and tasks when needed.

  • Set goals and conduct an annual performance development review with each member of the logistics team.

  • Support and promote the standards outlined in the Program Participant Protection Policy and their Code of Conduct for their team, partner organizations and BNFs, and a commitment to providing a safe work environment.

  • Promote and lead the Logs team to achieve high standards of transparency and accountability in order to reduce the potential for abuse or fraud

  • Promote high levels of performance and service delivery by the Logs team to ensure the overall success of the program in Syria

  • Report

  • Input in the monthly report as requested by the Logistics Manager.

  • Review the warehouse report before submitting it to the Logistics Manager and Systems Manager

  • Update the asset register as needed and make sure all items are marked

  • Manage and update SR Tracker

  • Review fleet reports and instant verification of vehicle history papers


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