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مسؤول مشروع القسائم الغذائية - ريف حلب الشمالي


مسؤول مشروع القسائم الغذائية - ريف حلب الشمالي


 تطلع منظمة القيمة الإنسانية للتعاقد مع " مساعد - قسائم غذائية " في شمال غرب سوريا

المنصب: مساعد - قسائم غذائية.
عدد الشواغر: شاغر واحد.
مكتب العمل: إعزاز – صوران.
تاريخ الإغلاق: 10 – 11 – 2021

عن المنظمة
منظمة القيمة الإنسانية هي منظمة غير حكومية غير ربحية , تقدم الإغاثة العاجلة في تركيا وخارجها , نركز في القيمة الإنسانية لتقديم الدعم للفئات الأكثر ضعفاً والمتضررين من الأزمات في مناطق التنفيذ , وذلك من خلال التعاون مع المجتمع والمؤسسات العامة ذات الصلة , مع تمسكنا مع مبادئ المساواة والحياد والشفافية والمساءلة بشكل دائم.


İnsana Değer Derneği is looking for (Food Voucher – Officer) in NorthWest Syria.

Position: Food Voucher – Officer
Number of openings: 1 vacant
Duty location: Azaz- NW Syria

End of application date: 10 November 2021


We are a non-profit, non-governmental organisation providing emergency relief to people living both inside and outside of Turkey. We focus on the most vulnerable and crisis-affected people in our areas of operation, in partnership and cooperation with the rest of the humanitarian community and relevant public institutions. In our work, we uphold the humanitarian principles of equality, neutrality, transparency, and accountability at all times.
IDD’s Food Security Unit is responsible for the provision of all food security related activities including distribution of food baskets, Ready-To-Eat-Rations (RTERs), food vouchers and cash programming (such as Cash for Work and multi-purpose cash assistance) in northwest Syria.


The Food Voucher – Officer is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the food voucher program in IDD’s selected locations in northwest Syria.

Reporting to:
Technical Manager: Food Voucher – Senior Officer
Supervisor: Food Voucher – Senior Officer

Where needed, the staff will support liaison and coordination between other departments to facilitate smooth implementation on the ground.
The main tasks and responsibilities
I. Project Management:
• Responsible for day-to-day implementation of all activities to support the food voucher programming, working closely with the Food Voucher – Senior Officer
• Ensure readiness of distribution protocols and data and conduct all preparations for distribution
• Supports needs assessments and collection of data and information in operational areas
• Work closely with the FV Senior Officer to support the communications with community representatives and local councils, identify emerging needs and highlight any key issues that may affect implementation
• Conducts regular tracking of all activity progress and where needed, provide course corrections following consultations with the FV Senior Officer
• Liaises closely with M&E field team to ensure verification, registration and monitoring are conducted in a timely manner
• Coordinates with vendors to ensure payment are completed in a timely manner
• Ensures systematic filing, scanning and archiving of all documentation as per IDD’s requirements
• Provides daily and weekly reporting to line manager

II. Supervision
• Responsible for the supervision of food voucher assistants in the field to complete implementation in a timely and quality manner
• Provide support and guidance to food voucher assistants including providing clear assignments, tasks and instructions

II. Other:

• Other tasks assigned by employee’s Line Manager corresponding to actual needs of the mission, programs, and projects
• Understand and adhere to the mission’s National Staff Handbook, IDD Code of Conduct, IDD Key Policies and relevant guidelines

• Bachelor Degree (desirable)
• 1-2 years of professional experience
• Some experience in NGO setting whether as staff or volunteers (desirable)
• Communications skills in Arabic (compulsory) and English (desirable)
• Proficient in MS office required. Knowledge of other application such as Kobo (desirable)


• Strong communication skills (including written)
• Teamwork and Leadership
• Client-Oriented
• Planning and Organizing
• Flexibility and Resourcefulness
• Time Management
• Detail-Oriented

How to apply:

Interested Qualified candidates can submit their application through the below link: