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قائد فريق - كيليس ، تركيا

قائد فريق -  كيليس ، تركيا

المنصب: قائد فريق MHPSS (MHPSS Center Kilis)
مكان الوظيفة: كيليس ، تركيا
عدد المناصب المفتوحة: 1
Position: MHPSS Team Leader (MHPSS Center Kilis)
Job Location: Kilis, Turkey
Reporting to:
Psychiatrist and technically under MHPSS/Protection
Working area: Kilis Turkey
Number of positions open: 1
Last date for application: October 24, 2021


Key relationships:
Psychiatrist, psychologist, PSS workers, MHPSS Center staff
General objective of the position:
The role of the MHPSS Team Leader is to provide the technical and administrative supervision to the Psychologists
and PSS Workers in the MHPSS Center, compiling the regular reports and outputs of the team members.
Main tasks and responsibilities:
• Cooperating with the psychiatrist to provide the technical and administrative supervision and follow up for
the psychologists and the PSS Workers in the MHPSS Center through in person supervision sessions and group
supervision sessions.
• Supporting the psychologists and the PSS workers when they work with the severe and complicated cases of
• Compiling the regular and requested quantitative and qualitative reports by the supervised Psychologists and
PSS Workers and working on a final report summarizes them and sharing them when they are requested.
• Ensuring commitment of the MHPSS Center’s team members of the work’s times and fulfilling their tasks.
• Organizing the process of monthly and quarterly planning for the activities of the center and providing the
technical supervision and follow up on the conducted Support groups, raising awareness sessions, advocacy
campaigns and outreach visits through review and follow up on outlines and plans, outcomes,
implementation and periodic and final reports.
• Ensuring a high level of coordination internally and externally with other service providers in Gaziantep and
other Turkish cities regarding the active referral system for the beneficiaries needs.
• Participating in facilitating building capacities training sessions to the psychologists and the PSS Workers in
the MHPSS Center.
• Ensuring the documentation of the written files in the MHPSS to be respecting confidentiality and
humanitarian work principles and ensuring clinical accuracy.
• Facilitating group activities for beneficiaries and group activities of care providers of the beneficiaries.


Mandatory Qualifications required
• A university degree of relevant field of study e.g.
bachelor of Psychological counseling/Psychology.
• 3 Year experience at least of working as a
Counselling Psychologist and human services.
• Fluency written and spoken in Arabic
• Upper-Intermediate written and spoken in Turkish

• Competencies:
Good knowledge of therapeutic techniques such as (CBT.
• Having a good background on protection and general
health subjects.
• Experience in dealing with severe and complicated MHPSS
• Being a certified trainer in many MHPSS related subjects.
• Having good proficiency in using e-mails and MS office programs.
• Having previous coordination experience.


The salary will be defined regarding the SAMS Turkey Office salary scale on-going.
Interested candidates may please send their resume and fill the application in the
following link: