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مسؤول الرصد والتقييم مشروع القسائم الغذائية - ريف حلب الشمالي


مسؤول الرصد والتقييم مشروع القسائم الغذائية - ريف حلب الشمالي

İnsana Değer Derneği is looking for (M&E Officer) in NorthWest Syria.

المنصب: مسؤول الرصد والتقييم
عدد الفتحات: 1 شاغر
مكان العمل: اعزاز - شمال غرب سوريا
تاريخ انتهاء التقديم: 15 نوفمبر 2021

Position: M&E Officer
Number of openings: 1 vacant
Duty location: Azaz- NW Syria
End of application date: 15 November 2021

We are a non-profit, non-governmental organisation providing emergency relief to people living both inside and outside of Turkey. We focus on the most vulnerable and crisis-affected people in our areas of operation, in partnership and cooperation with the rest of the humanitarian community and relevant public institutions. In our work, we uphold the humanitarian principles of equality, neutrality, transparency, and accountability at all times.


MEAL Field Officer inside Syria will be responsible primarily for coordinating and planning the collection of data for routine M&E tasks within the field office in which they are based. M&E Field Officer will also have a good understanding of data collection software, in order to provide the M&E Turkey Officer with initial and immediate preliminary data analysis for field activities.

Reporting to:
• Technical Manager: Deputy M&E Manger /Gaziantep


The main tasks and responsibilities

Planning and Coordination

• Develop and implement clear M&E plans for projects’ activities related to M&E in the area, including setting clear objectives to the team and meeting deadlines of implementation, being sure that the performance across the activities is as required.
• Supervise M&E assistants, daily workers and officers, assign tasks for all field monitoring, assessments, baseline studies and evaluations.
• Prepare daily plans for the team, arrange tasks, tools and locations in addition to coordination with the local councils, associations or any society coordination representative, and share the plan with provide feedback to M&E Turkey Officer.
• Prepare weekly report of the implemented tasks, detailing activities, locations, used tools and any findings in the field.
• Take a part in the weekly coordination meeting along with M&E Turkey Officer to discuss the processes and activities conducted during the previous week, and detail findings in the field, obstacles, suggestions and recommendations.
• Supervise all assessments, baseline and end line studies, PDMs, evaluations, and other M&E activities.
• Daily coordination with other departments (logistics, security, etc.) to ensure that the tasks are implemented with the sufficient support by those departments and according to IDD policy.

Quality of data collection
• Test all relevant M&E tools (KIIs, questionnaires, FGDs, checklists, etc.) and conduct training to M&E team on each new tool under supervision of M&E Turkey Officer.
• Provide feedback to M&E Turkey Officer on tool quality and applicability in the field.

Capacity building
• Assess field assistants’ data collection and interview technique after providing trainings as necessary.
• Feedback to M&E Turkey Officer regarding assistants’ capacities, providing clear plans for capacity building and trainings.

Accountability and integrity
• Supervise Complaints & Response Mechanism (CRM) implementation, ensuring complaints and feedback are dealt with in accordance to the IDD CRM Policy, including complaints boxes existence in distribution points and archiving and sharing the received complaints.
• Report immediately to CRM Officer all incidents in the field related to security, accountability or complaints. Communicate directly with M&E Deputy Manager for sensitive issues that should not be shared with field office staff.

Reporting and coordination
• Daily reporting to M&E coordinator including tasks summary, findings, obstacles, complaints and feedback.


• Education: Technical college, University Bachelor degree, or equivalent is preferred.
• Expe
rience: 1-3 years of experience in Humanitarian sector.
• Language skills: Arabic and English at intermediate competency.
• Multiple humanitarian sector knowledge & experience appreciated  
• KOBO/ODK toolbox XML & XLS, Word, Excel, Power BI (All at upper-intermediate competency)
• Analysis and reporting competence (intermediate competency)
• SPSS, GIS software, & other are a plus…


• Communication such as active listening
• Teamwork
• Responsibility
• Dependability
• Leadership
• Motivation
• Flexibility
• Patience
• Stress management  
• Conflict Resolution and problem solving  
• Time Management and meeting deadlines

How to apply:

Interested Qualified candidates can submit their application through the below link: