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مسؤول برنامج سبل العيش - الرقة


مسؤول برنامج سبل العيش - الرقة


المسمى الوظيفي: مسؤول برنامج سبل العيش
آخر موعد للتقديم: 23.11.2021
مركز العمل: الرقة


 Job Title: Livelihoods Program Officer
Application deadline: 23.11.2021
Duty Station: Raqqa
Job Requirements:

Job Description:


The Livelihoods Program Officer supports the management staff to track day-to-day activities of the Livelihoods program.

Feeding into the information sharing mechanism in the field, providing with data and field updates to the Livelihoods Program Manager.

Respect the security guidelines.

Supervising the process of collecting and updating data from municipalities periodically.

Follow up on adherence to basic protection standards during activities.

Conduct other activities as requested by line manager.

Project Implementation:

Conduct need assessments to identify needs in the operation area.

Communicate the planning and execution of assessments with community representatives and municipalities.

Work closely with the Livelihoods PM/ TL to identify emerging needs of the communities and prepare response plans.

Lead weekly and monthly planning of livelihoods program.

Effectively supervise the team of Program assistants to complete program implementation with a high quality and in a timely manner.

Ensure that all partners and municipalities understand the terms of the contracts/MOUs.

Coordinate with local authorities including, but not limited to Local Councils and the HAO, in relation to ongoing livelihoods projects;

Make sure that the activities are executed according to the plan and strategy, following CvT’ rules and policies.

Check quality and correctness of information provided by Livelihoods assistants

Provide to finance the requested documentations and coordinates the payments including the WMR and MMR

Coordinate closely with logs/ procurement team to ensure all the procurement process and stock management going smoothly including evaluation committees, PRs, FWAs, POs, stock releases, Wishlist …etc.

Work closely with M&E team to ensure provision of the required information and request all the needed support in advance.

Draft all the relevant contribution agreements and contracts

Ensures that project documentation is filled out properly.

Monitors the work of the Livelihoods teams and follows up the contractual commitments plan (field visits to teams’ locations).

Support municipalities, and CvT staff to solve any problems, challenges, or delays in programming.

Makes sure that funds transferred to the field are paid in time according to CvT’ policies.

Inform management staff of any opportunities, challenges or changes to the programming environment.

Coordinate activities with other Livelihoods stakeholders (INGO, LNGO) and/or municipalities (if applicable).

Reporting and archiving:

Daily and weekly reporting on livelihoods activities.

Draft Donors monthly report and share it with the LM to review

Draft the 4Ws and 5Ws and share it with LM

Collect and report any new security information, incidents or any change of the context to the line manager.

Report challenges, successes, relevant issues to the LM.

Ensure project documentation is archived properly and in timely manner

Update the livelihoods folder on CvT platforms on a weekly basis

Update all livelihoods trackers in weekly basis

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Other Information’s:
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How to Apply:
Please send your CV to the following email/Link:
Please consider to mention the advert ID (Above) and the job title in the email subject.