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مساعد الموارد البشرية - ريف حلب

مساعد الموارد البشرية - ريف حلب

إعلان عن شاغر وظيفي في منظمة الناس في حاجة
مساعد الموارد البشرية في مكتب ريف حلب
People in Need is looking for a HR Assistant for its Syria/Turkey Mission/Based in West Aleppo Office
Position: Human Resource Assistant  
Duty Station: Aleppo West Office  
Line Manager: HR Officer  
Closing Date: 31st December 2021
Starting Date: January 2022


Follow on, coordinate and facilitate the HR functions within the duty including recruitment, performance evaluation, capacity building …. etc.  
I. Recruitment:
• Maintaining job descriptions and person specifications, participate in longlisting, written test, interviewing and selecting candidates
• Assist HR Officer in coordination related to Job offers, reference checks, security checks for selected candidates and sending apology letters for not selected candidates
• Archiving the process files as required
II. Induction and onboarding:
• Ensure the new employees are signing the needed documents such as the code of conduct and key policies and that they are submitting the needed personal documents such as IDs and Photos …etc.
• Ensure that all new staff are being evaluated after their probation period ends
• Archiving the process files as required
III. Capacity Building:
• Actively participate in capacity building activities such as conducting and facilitating in Online trainings as required
• Receive, archive all training requests and trainings materials for internal and external trainings
• Prepare and update the data bases used in the process such as training trackers and training analysis
• Archive the process files as required
IV. Performance evaluation:
• Help to coordinate the performance evaluation time frame and notify all staff on the process schedule
• Maintain, archive all performance files and ensure all files are well communicated and signed  
• Participate in communicating corrective action letters and ensure proper informing of staff on such activities as instructed
• Prepare and update the data bases used in the process such as contact list, leave tracker
• Archive the process files as required
V. Contract Administrating:
• Assist in preparing, maintain and archive all contract and its amendments and all related annexes properly as required by the archiving system
• Archiving the process files as required
VI. HR administration:
• Distribute the IDs on staff and maintain the IDs records, request IDs of new staff and receive the IDs from terminated staff and when the IDs are expired and get signature on the IDs tracker table.
• Send all grievance communication from staff to relevant units that can address their issues and deliver the received feedback as instructed  
• Follow the attendance system including the leaves forms and trackers and address all staff inquires on this regard  
• Maintain proper update, follow up, and coordination on the archiving system specifically the personnel files
• Communicate and inform all staff on the policy updates and changes, explain all staff inquires on this regard
VII. Other
• Other tasks assigned by employee’s Line Manager corresponding to actual needs of the mission, programs, and projects.
• Substitute relevant colleagues (fully or partially) during their absence when assigned by employee’s Line Manager.
• Understand and adhere to the mission’s National Staff Handbook, PIN Code of Conduct, PIN Key Policies and relevant guidelines.


I. Technical competencies:
• Bachelor degree on relevant major
• 2-year experience in HR responsibilities, administrative and support positions.
• 2-3 years of NGO experience  
• Familiarity with protection concepts such as child protection, PSEA and action against harassment

• Good IT skills - Microsoft Office applications (Outlook, Word, Excel)
• Motivation to work in NGO sector.
• Fluent in Arabic and intermediate competency in English.
• Excellent communication, organization, negotiation and interpersonal skills.
• Ability to organize and plan effectively, work independently.
II. Skills competencies such as behavioural, interpersonal and personal skills
• Communication such as active listening
• Teamwork
• Responsibility
• Dependability
• Leadership
• Motivation
• Flexibility
• Patience
• Stress management  
• Conflict Resolution and problem solving  
• Time Management and meeting deadlines
How to apply:  
Interested Qualified candidates should submit their application on