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مساعد قسم الوصول في مكتب إدلب

مساعد قسم الوصول في مكتب إدلب

المنصب: مساعد الوصول
مركز العمل:  إدلب
نهاية التقديم: 26 يناير
نهاية العقد: 31/12/2022

People in Need is looking for an (Access Assistant) for its Syria/Turkey Mission/Based in South Idleb.

Position: Access Assistant
Duty Station: PIN’s South Idlib Office
End of application: 26th January
End of Contract :31/12/2022


The AA is part of the field office and reports to their respective area Manager in all matters pertaining to the day-to-day running of the Education department such as working hours, Educational centers, schools etc. Together, the AA and the SAO form the main communication channel for all security-related information between the field offices in Syria and the office in Turkey.


Access Assistant (AA) is responsible for supporting the Senior Access Officer (SAO) regarding all matters relating to security within the Education team, Education centers, education issues they have been assigned. AA carries out their allocated tasks as listed below and reports directly to the SAO and AM.
• Technical Manager:  Senior Access Officer (SAO)
• Supervisor: AM – Area Manager
REPORTING ON: mainly on the guards in Education centers, and can report the security incidents on the other staff.


Access Assistant reports to the SAO and AM, in the case of SAO absence, the access assistant reports to the SM – Security Manager.


• Security Requirements:
o Receptions and manage the access into the Education centers.
o Implement the security measures and rules of engagements in Education centres.
o Accompany with the field teams when needed for protection and assessment.
o General communication, incident reporting & emergency communication.
o Staff location & movement awareness, and making sure the field staff are well-prepared before heading to the field.
o Site security measures and manage the guards, their shifting and monitor their work.
o Assure the availability of the security and safety equipment and assure its validity.
o Information collection & analysis and reporting violation.
o Communicate security-related information to and from the SAO following pre-defined communication channels.
o Maintains the communication channel between field officers (Education.) and the SAO at all times
o Monitor the keeping of security rules, the implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and the Contingency Plans (CPs) preparedness and inform the SAO and the Area manager of any shortcomings or necessary changes to the procedures
o Support to the SAO to regularly check the state of all equipment necessary for security at the field office and in case of shortages, follow up with the SAO and the Area manager
o Provide up-to-date and accurate security-related information and analysis to the CSM and Regional Coordinator.
o Access Assistant substitute the SAO partially for reports pertaining to the field.
o Access Assistant must understand and adhere to the mission’s National Staff Handbook, PIN Code of Conduct, PIN Key Policies and relevant guidelines.


I. Technical competencies:
•        High School\ Bachelor’s degree preferably.
• Two-years working experience at least.
• One-year work with NGOs at least.
• English is an advantage.
•  MS office programs are required and Kobo.

II. Skills Competencies And Behavioural, Interpersonal And Personal Skills
o Good communication skills
• Have High integrity and demonstrated ability to follow standards and policies
• Responsibility and Dependability
• Flexibility and Patience
• Stress management and problem solving
• Time Management and meeting deadline.

How to apply:

Interested Qualified candidates should submit their application on