أهم الفرص

مسؤول المياه و الصرف الصحي - غازي عنتاب


مسؤول المياه و الصرف الصحي - غازي عنتاب

Job Title: WASH Officer 
Job Code: WASH-02 
Department: WASH Program 
Report to: WASH Manager 
Number of Reports: 0 
Job Grade:  


Job Summary 

The WASH Officer will be responsible for carrying out all required checks of all laboratory experiments to test the water and wastewater quality conducted in the field.  


The WASH Officer is responsible for preparing and developing the technical studies, schemes, and assessing all requirements of setting up, operating and maintenance of water treatment/chlorination and testing systems and equipment of drinking water. This includes the management of required supplies for the process of water treatment, including chlorine and detectors for mobile labs.  


The WASH Officer will be the key role for setting technical specifications for all activities related to purification of drinking water and wastewater treatment and prepare the required technical documents. Also, he/she will be responsible for following up and monitoring the operational situations for all water stations in northern and northwest Syria to ensure the best quality for drinking water be provided and to reflect the situation in the water stations database that ACU develops.  


The WASH Officer will be the key focal point with the organizations, supporting them to conduct the water quality tests with Day-To-Day coordination with the ACU’s WASH experts in the field.  


The WASH Officer will be responsible for providing all needed support to the program team to conduct the need assessment, feeding them with all required information, and coordination efforts with the field staff. 

The WASH Officer will be based in Gaziantep with regular visits to northwest/northern Aleppo, Syria.  He/she will report to the WASH Manager in Gaziantep. 

Duties, objectives and competencies 

  • Carry out the required check for all laboratory assessments to test water quality and wastewater attributes including but not limited to faecal coliforms, FRC, PH, TDS,  turbidity, total hardness, Fe, BOD, COD, …etc, and provide the technical recommendations as per the results. 
  • Carry out all needed procurement process to ensure the availability of chlorine and detectors within the warehouse.  
  • Carry out all monitoring activities related to the operational situations of water stations and develop the regular reports and dashboards to be shared with the WASH cluster members.  
  • Lead and develop the needs assessment for WASH situation inside Syria regularly, highlighting the urgent needs and the locations, and develop the required reports and presented in the WASH cluster meetings and through Syrian Water Resources Platform. 
  • Carry out stations’ assessment from chlorine and other equipment, and evaluate the operational status. 
  • Collect, clean, and share the data of water stations and all data related and share it with the Data Officer to reflect them within the dashboards. 
  • Liaise with WASH Field Staff to ensure regularly collecting water and wastewater samples. 
  • Work alongside Monitoring and Evaluation team as required. 
  • Work closely with Field WASH Officers and provide the required knowledge and training to ensure their ability to carry out water and wastewater tests in the right way. 
  • Develop the SOPs for water and wastewater tests. 
  • Provide feedback for the design of water and wastewater testing as necessary. 
  • Provide the Wash Manager with weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports, alerting the organizations and WASH cluster of extreme poor WASH situations immediately. 
  • Other related tasks at the request of the WASH Manager. 

Qualification (Education/Work Experience/Languages) 

  1. Essential:  
  • 3-5 years of experience in the field in the WASH sector. 
  • BSc Degree in WASH related studies (chemistry, engineering, public health, etc.) 
  • Laboratory experience or similar. 
  • Experience in working in WASH laboratory or Water testing. 
  • Water and Wastewater treatment and water quality control. 
  • Excellent knowledge of water disinfection equipment and its materials. 
  • Disciplinary leadership of a large number of field staff. 


  1. Desirable: 
  • MSc in Degree in WASH related studies (chemistry, engineering, public health, etc.) 
  • Largely independent task performance within a given task-related scope of action and decision-making; alternative courses of action are possible. 
  1.  Languages: 
  • Arabic (Essential): Mother tongue 
  • English (Essential): Upper-intermediate  
  • Turkish (Desired): Beginner. 

Core & Technical Competencies 


  1. Core Competencies: 
  • Experience with data management, especially in the analysis of large sets of data and in data illustration 
  • Experience with electronic data collection systems 
  • Excellent written and spoken English Language skills 
  • Strong experience working with INGOs and donors. 
  • Strong skills in written communication, including report writing 
  • Experience with remote management 
  • Strong skills in interpersonal communications, able to work effectively with multiple stakeholders in a complex, multi-actor environment 
  • Experience working on technical assessments and preparing assessment reports, including all drawings, BoQs, and other related documents 
  • Experience with monitoring and evaluation activities and principles 
  • Strong team player, able to develop and maintain effective working relationships within a distributed and dynamic team 
  • The flexible, creative, and solution-oriented approach in an innovative environment 


  1. Supervisor/Managerial Competencies: 
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills 
  • Ability to build the capacity of the team 
  • Strong management skills 
  • Professional, motivated, open, creative, responsible, flexible, culturally sensitive 
  • Reporting skills 
  • Building trust 


  1. Technical Competencies: 
  • Good knowledge of sphere standards – minimum standards in the sector of water supply, sanitation, and hygiene promotion
  • Competence with MS Office applications, including Word, Excel, and Outlook 
  • Good knowledge in project management – need assessment