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مسؤول مشروع SNFI - غازي عنتاب


مسؤول مشروع SNFI - غازي عنتاب

المنصب: مسؤول مشروع SNFI
تقارير إلى :منسق البرنامج
الموقع: تركيا-غازي عنتاب
تاريخ الإغلاق: 10 يناير 2022

Position: SNFI Project Officer
Position Reports to Program Coordinator
Location: Turkey-Gaziantep
Closing date: 10-Jan-2022

The Maram Foundation for Relief and Development (Maram) is a non-profit organization, founded by American-Syrian activists to alleviate the suffering of people in need since its inception to date the foundation had delivered lifesaving aid and developmental projects to hundreds of thousands of Syrian IDPs and refugees along with host committees.

Function and Organizational Relationships
The SNFI Project Officer will be following up with the Shelter and Non-Food Items (SNFI) projects planning, designing, implementation inside Syria. The projects include the distribution of tents, NFIs, and graveling activities for tents roads, and yards with a proper drainage system, also house rehabilitation is part of the projects. In addition to following up with the support department to ensure the smooth project implementation. She/he will be based in Maram’s Gaziantep office.
Main Job Duties and Responsibilities
1. Design, Develop, Revise, Update, and file with donors SNFI proposals on behalf of Maram Foundation in North West Syria by working closely with other departments within Maram Foundation finance, and logistic departments, and other SNFI actors, considering budget, time, and resources.
2. Manage the execution, implementation, budget, resources, and on-time delivery of new SNFI projects for beneficiaries to meet Maram Foundation standards of quality and integrity of implementation, including adherence to technical guidelines, administrative systems, and established deadlines.
3. Manage and monitor the ongoing SNFI activities administered directly by Maram Foundation and its partners.
4. Coordinate the activities of the Maram Foundation SNFI department with donors, partners, stakeholders, governmental and non-governmental counterparts, and local authorities to deliver SNFI services to beneficiaries.
5. Develop, revise and update SNFI Strategy, Support plans, and operational plans for Maram Foundation programs in Northwest Syria by working closely with the technical staff of implementing partners and other SNFI actors, considering practical aspects of implementation, long-term sustainable solutions, and relevant technical specifications and guidelines.
6. Keep Maram Foundation Management up to date on the development and progress of SNFI programs planning, budgeting, and input to the financial management of the program. Technical Assistance and Capacity Building
7. Provide technical guidance, reports and support to partners on all SNFI related issues, to ensure quality, cost-effectiveness, sustainability and impact soundness in their implementation and in accordance with Maram Foundation policies, standards and priorities.
8. Identify, and address Maram Foundation SNFI staff capacity building activities to address key areas of SNFI importance to beneficiaries and other people in need to Maram Foundation.
9. Monitoring, Evaluation and Quality Assurance
10. Ensure that mechanisms to monitor the performance of Maram Foundations partners on SNFI activities in the IDPs camps / settlements / host community are in place.
11. Manage and coordinate with M&E SNFI Monitoring System data collection and reporting are carried out systematically, properly and timely with quality information Reporting
12. Design develop Reporting System to report regularly on SNFI activity for all SNFI partners while maintaining accurate records of all relevant SNFI performance indicators.
13. Enforce country regulations and laws.
14. Performs other related duties as assigned by line manager.
1. University degree in civil/ architecture engineering or other relevant technical background.
2. Good understanding of management challenges presented in the SNFI sector and the dynamics of humanitarian issues within the global community.
3. More than Two years of relevant experience, including at least One year in SNFI management.
4. Good experience in Project Cycle Management (PCM);
5. Good experience with GMS, Proposals development, submissions, follow up, budgeting, financials, revisions, and execution.
6. AutoCAD skills
Job Requirements Related to the Syrian Conflict
1. In depth knowledge of the Syrian conflict, Syrian NGOs and stakeholders.
2. Minimum 2 years of experience of project implementation in humanitarian context;
3. Technical SNFI Response expertise;
4. Documented results related to the position’s responsibilities;
5. Flaunt in Arabic and English languages, Turkish language is a definite plus.
6. Valid Turkish residency permits and ability to travel in the region
Technical Requirements
1. Microsoft office 365 Excel databases
2. Project Management / familiar with Project Management Software
3. Budgeting and Accounting Skills
4. Social media
5. Proficiency in the following computer programs: AutoCAD (or another CAD software).

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