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مساعد الامن و السلامة - ادلب

مساعد الامن و السلامة - ادلب

Job Title: Safety and Security Assistant
Job Ref. No.
Syria – Idleb Governorate
The specific duties of a Programme Accountant include; providing timely, collaborative, service-oriented support to program staff on all financial matters relevant to program implementation

General View of the Position:

Operational Sector:
Safety and Security Officer
Position of the Direct Supervisor:
Employees Supervised:
Follow up on the security situation and the security file and communicate with all staff regarding any development on the actual reality on the ground.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

• Develop plans for occupational safety and health, civil defense, and fire prevention and control for all operations of the Humanitarian Relief Authority.
• Study and analysis of accidents and injuries of all kinds, especially physical accidents, and occupational diseases, to determine recommendations and precautions to be taken to prevent their recurrence.
• Spreading preventive awareness among the various levels of employees using the best available methods that suit the nature and conditions of the organization's work.
• Determining the most appropriate preventive measures to be taken that are practically applicable to prevent accidents and injuries, in addition to defining safe methods for performing work and using the equipment.
• Formation of basic occupational safety and health committees for operations inside Syria.
• Forming firefighting crews for each site from the part-time workers in addition to their original work and training their personnel.
• Follows up the commitment to implement the regulations, laws, and official decisions in all affiliated operations in the NKO
• Assisting the security and safety official in developing the emergency plan for the project in partnership with the project officials.
• Securing the organization's assets against theft, fraud, willful damage, or violation of privacy.
• To spare the organization and protect it from the risks of damage or liability arising from the use of its facilities for purposes contrary to the general law or the statute of the organization.
• Sending events to the surrounding areas.
• The necessity of having an internet or a satellite device to speed up communication and communication.
• Sending reports on any event within the organization's work areas within half an hour.
• Other related work that the line manager may request.

Required Skills and Capabilities:

• University degree in a related field.
• Intermediate institute in a related field.
Experience of at least two years in the same field.
• Experience in working within humanitarian organizations
Academic Qualification/s and Professional Experience:
The ability to withstand work pressure and for long hours.
• The ability to write professional reports.
• Good knowledge of humanitarian principles.
• Time management skills and work organization and prioritization.
• The skill of data analysis, taking into account the details accurately.
• Very good level in Office programs, Internet, and cloud storage.
• Very good level of English.