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مساعد مدخل بيانات وتقانة المعلومات في شمال غرب سوريا

مساعد مدخل بيانات وتقانة المعلومات في شمال غرب سوريا.

 İnsana Değer Derneği is looking for (Data Entry & IT Assistant) in NorthWest Syria.
Number of openings: 1 vacant
Duty location: Souran
End of application date: 17 February 2022


(IDD) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation providing relief and development assistance in Turkey. IDD is committed to the best practice and quality of work of its staff, its partner organisations and other associates. IDD programs focus mainly on livelihood, food security, rural rehabilitation and emergency education. Operations are managed from Turkey where IDD’s main office is established serving as administrative and logistics support of program being implemented directly or through partners.
Data entry:
The MEAL data management officer will be responsible for creating, setting up, rolling out and maintaining the PIN databases as required and in line with PIN standards and Data management best practices.
Responsible for following up on the technical condition of employees’ computers and mobile phones, availability of phone lines, software installation, and definitions of peripheral devices,
The assistant is mainly to keep up with the technological needs of the security systems and direct monitoring of security systems in the office and warehouses.
Data entry officer in GZT
IT Officer in GZT
Public relations officer in filed
Area manager in filed


1. Design, build, populate and manage the central database for PIN’s programs;

Support the development process for the beneficiary database.
2. Maintain and further develop the structure or format of the database as required, incorporating ideas and amendments from MEAL & programs teams.
3. Produce SOPs on the use of the database and/or training materials for training on relevant staff on the use of the database.
4. Develop & maintain database/design documentation, operating manual, SOPs and guidelines for Database related processes, mechanisms and other as needed.
5. Provide project statistics for use in decision making and reporting throughout the project cycle.
6. Provide monthly & quarterly updates to the MEAL Manager of the Indicator Tracking Tables.
7. Develop, maintain and continuously update DM products;

Provide DM services for key decision-making including; data collection, collation, analysis and information dissemination;
8. Ensure accurate inputting of data received from various sources and partners into database through creative automated solutions.
9. Design, build & manage dashboard interface (accessible on-line) for use by PIN staff to track projects and to report on indicators and progress;
10. Any other duties that may be assigned by the supervisor.

1. IT responsibilities for IDD office.
2. Installing and de-stalling all the electronic devices related to the Access dept for all IDD office.
3. Monitoring the performance of the devices (CCTV, sensors, searching stick).
4. Monitoring and organizing the power sources (batteries, solar energy and accessories) to cover the needs of the security devices.
5. Maintaining the security systems in all IDD office.
6. Suggesting proposals to protect, enhance, develop the security systems.
7. Regular check for the CCTV and other systems in the IDD office.
8. Coordinating with the IT officer to keep him posted about any changes.
9. Monitor the video cameras and operate detecting/emergency equipment.

1. Substitute relevant colleagues (fully or partially) during their absence when assigned by line manager
2. Other tasks as assigned by line manager

3. Understand and adhere to the mission’s National Staff Handbook, IDD’s Code of Conduct, IDD’s Key Policies and relevant guidelines

Desired profile of the candidate:

Technical Competencies:
• Bachelor Degree preferred
• Arabic language (mandatory)
• Previous experience working with NGO is as asset
• User knowledge of MS Excel, Word PowerPoint and outlook
• Multiple humanitarian sector knowledge & experience appreciated.
• Advanced Excel, Access, SQL, VBA, web content management, GIS application, data visualization tools, and other similar applications. (All at upper-intermediate competency)
• KOBO/ODK toolbox XML & XLS (intermediate to upper-intermediate competency)
• Analysis and reporting competence (Upper-intermediate competency)
• Ability to use Microsoft Access databases i.e. enter data, update records and fields, modify database structure, generate customized reports;
• Ability to design the structure of the database and write appropriate interfaces (e.g. Microsoft Excel) for data entry and ensure data quality and security, highly preferred
• Experience in training project personnel in the use of database management software applications;
• Experience in writing and maintaining database design documentation and operating manuals;
• SPSS, GIS software, & other are a plus…

Personal Competencies and Qualities:

• Motivated to be intensively engaged in direct work with beneficiaries, including frequent travels to target locations
• Able to motivate beneficiaries, provide guiding and encouragement, receive feedback
• Active listener, participative facilitator
• Good communication skills, able to engage with target beneficiaries in friendly and respectful manner
• Able to provide participatory learning methods, in appropriate manner
• Team player
• Understanding of NGO approach and values

How to apply:
Interested Qualified candidates can submit their application through the below link: