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مساعد برنامج - غازي عنتاب

 مساعد برنامج - غازي عنتاب

Program assistant (Turkish national only & Female only)
please be very accurate in writing the required information, Please pay attention to the accuracy, correctness, and completeness of the information required in this form, as it plays an important role in considering your application at ONSUR.
If your information is incorrect, your request will be subject to Exclusion, as ONSUR is doing what is necessary to verify the information.

Position: Program assistant

Location: Gaziantep/Turkey

Job Code: TUGZT.PRD11

About ONSUR:

International Association for Relief and Development (Onsur) is a non-governmental organization registered in Turkey N° (27-018-178) dealing with the Relief and development projects through the empowerment of local communities to ensure a decent life, Founded at the beginning of 2012. ONSUR works through the main office is located in Gaziantep’s province Turkey, in addition to execution offices in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, and Turkey.


The Program Assistant will be responsible for supporting the program's teams to ensure flexible, innovative, and rapid response,
and to Assist in, preparing an implementation plan, implementing it, following up its activities, and writing reports and documentation.


Provide programme and administrative support to the programme team in the preparation of various programme documents, such as work plans, budgets, reports and proposals on programme implementation arrangements.
Under the guidance of the supervisor, assemble briefing materials and prepare power-point and other presentations for the programme unit.
Identify sources, and gather and compile data and information for the preparation of documents, guidelines, and other material as required.
Assist the programme team in reviewing and preparing documentation on the procurement of goods and services, and support contract tracking. .
Help the team in providing guidance to project on routine implementation of the project, tracking use of financial resources.
Create requisitions in for receipt of goods and services, including making budget check for requisitions, POs and vouchers.
Support the programme team in the financial management of the project.
Provide administrative support to the programme team in the organization of events, meetings and workshops, etc.
Draft non-substantive correspondence.
Create and maintain files of correspondence/documents and electronically received information, and ensure up-to- date filing. Maintain both hardcopies and electronic copies of the office records and reference files on various subjects.
Prepare presentation material/slides in Power-point for presentations for the meetings/workshops and keep all papers ready for meetings.

Required Skills and Experience:

University degree (or equivalent) in Business or Public Administration or related field is an asset.

2 years of experience with NGOs at related positions.

Fluency in English is required.

Experience in working in a computer environment using multiple office software packages.

Effective Communication skills and Teamwork

Child Protection Policy

Child abuse in all forms is unacceptable to ONSUR, which recognizes its responsibility to protect children from harm in all areas of its work. ONSUR is committed to ensuring a child-safe environment and is applying a zero-tolerance approach towards any kind of child abuse and exploitation.

Discrimination, Abuse and Harassment Policy

ONSUR provides equal employment opportunities to all applicants for employment and expressly prohibits and will not tolerate any form of discrimination, abuse, harassment (sexual or otherwise), based upon ethnicity, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, marital status, citizenship status, disability, or military status.

ONSUR employees must under no circumstances take part in any form of discrimination, harassment, or abuse (physical, sexual or verbal), intimidation or exploitation, or in any other way infringe the rights of others inside or outside ONSUR.