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نائب المنسق الطبي - اسطنبول

نائب المنسق الطبي - اسطنبول

Deputy Medical Coordinator

Dünya Doktorları Derneği
Medecins du Monde Turkey (MDM-T) / Dünya Doktorları Derneği (DDD) is a Turkish based humanitarian non-governmental organisation that facilitates access to healthcare for populations affected by armed conflict, violence, natural disasters, disease, famine, poverty, and exclusion.

Our organization collaborates with partners and key stakeholders to implement projects that facilitate access to primary and secondary-level healthcare services to respond to the medical needs of displaced population.
DDD is the 16th member of the Doctors of the World International Network that is committed to meeting the health needs of vulnerable people globally.


Since the beginning of the Syrian and Iraqi crises, a massive influx of external population movements has taken place through the Turkish border into inside Turkey. Over 3 million refugees, migrants & asylum seekers are currently hosted in Turkey which led to an increasing demand for health services and put a serious burden on the system. A need arose for permanent health facilities to provide services; and hence improve access to the services to a large number of refugees and migrants.

In this context, Dünya Doktorları Derneği’s intervention aims at assisting the local public health system in providing and improving access to health and health related services to vulnerable populations among refugees and migrants in Turkey, specifically in, Izmir and Istanbul provinces.

Hierarchical & Functional links
He/She will work under the direct responsibility of the Medical Coordinator (Hierarchy and Technically), based in Istanbul with regular field visits to the field, and support proper information sharing, regarding medical/technical components of the projects, with the different members of Istanbul Coordination office.

He/She will provide technical support, on behalf of MedCo and when required for the medical staff in the field, medical program managers, Pharma Manager, Lab supervisor, SRH supervisor, CME manager, medical referent, and health counselors as well as participate actively in supporting program and MEAL teams ensure implementing quality projects activities.

The Deputy Medical Coordinator can replace the Medical Coordinator during his absence, if necessary and relevant, and in that case, take the overall responsibility for that position and when required.

Status: Fixed-Term Contract (6 Months)
Expected Starting date: ASAP

Main Responsibilities

Technical Support and Guidance.
Project Management.
Health Information and Reporting.
Coordination/External communication.

Function Details
Technical Support & Guidance
Support the development and implementation of the DDD operational strategy in Syria and Turkey and support the planning and development of health projects already in place.
Provide day-to-day technical support to the medical teams and focal points in the field (remote and in-person) to complete health sector goals on time and improve their capacity in health service delivery and ensure that medical services are implemented in good quality and according to DDD approved protocols.
In close coordination with MEAL and Program teams, monitor the project implementation, and provide technical guidance and support to effectively integrate findings and recommendations to improve program quality.
In close coordination with the protection team, ensure integration between health and protection services in the supported health facilities and areas of intervention.
Collaborating, together with the logistics department and according to project needs, in the pharmacy management in order to ensure enough and quality supply of drugs and medical material, smooth supply process, and medicines/disposal equipment follow-up.
Review of medical orders and monitoring of medicines consumption and stock levels of the different projects with reference to the DDD master list and validate for Medical Coordinator’s actions.
Supporting the Medical Coordinator in defining, monitoring, and updating the medical content of the DDD policy and annual plan, by scanning health needs and translating them into objectives, priorities, and resources needed in order to cover the medical and humanitarian needs of the population at risk.
In close coordination with the Medical Coordinator, based on the needs and in line with the quality health care. Ensure standardization and regular update of the medical tools/ protocols for all DDD projects, and advise the MedCo on required changes/modifications, need for follow-up as required.
Assess training gaps, identify needs for medical and paramedical staff at the project level and develop remedial action in close collaboration with MedCo through the development of a Human Resource Master Plan to support the implementation of the DDD strategy.
Support HR and program team in the hiring process of the medical staff, preparing JDs, and technical exams, and can participate in the interviews when needed.

Project Management
Assist in drafting the project proposal and follow-up, identifying priority needs and other potential areas of action.
Participating and contributing to the definition and update of the program’s policy, annual plan, and budgets in order to develop the projects and programs aimed at addressing humanitarian issues at stake ensuring its efficiency and quality.
In coordination with relevant departments, follow up on the progression of the projects and set amendments/ modifications required according to the needs and to make sure the progress is in line with the donors’ requirements and projects goals.
Update the MedCo on the activities’ updates, modifications, and projects progress or challenges.

Health Information and Reporting
Analyze the monthly workloads, especially the morbidity data, for each DDD project and in so doing identify coherence and adequacy in the level of project support and health service provision and advise the Medical Coordinator accordingly to initiate remedial action both in terms of planning and implementation if and when additional support/changes are required (i.e., capacity building, medical education, drugs, consumables, medical equipment supply, salaries’ incentives, etc.)
Review the weekly/monthly reports shared by the medical teams of Turkey and Syria and provide feedback/ comments accordingly to ensure including all the data that present the workload and meet the donors’ requirements.
Participate to collect and analyze epidemiological data and health-related information from available sources in Syria and Turkey, to regularly assess and update the overall health situation and needs in the areas of intervention.
Contribute effectively to the development and applying the HIS reporting tools/forms as and when required.
Support the medical teams in preparing the donor reports and work with the Field Cos/ Program Coordinator and Medical Coordinator to address the donor comments/feedback.
Prepare a Mission Report and/or Handover document at the end of the assignment for submission to the Medical Coordinator.

Coordination & External Communication
Support the MedCo in maintaining regular contacts with partners, other medical NGOs, organizations, and health facilities’ representatives through meetings, training, workshops, phone calls, skype conferences, etc., and provide appropriate reporting (e.g. minutes) from all project areas.
Represent DDD as the Medical focal or DDD representative as and when required by the MedCo.

Support the regular exchange of information among DDD Health team staff.
Report any security-related issues to the Program Coordinator and/or Medical Coordinator
Support all project operational organization of field trips and DDD programs/activities
Participate in weekly team meetings or any other relevant internal meetings.
Perform any other additional duties upon the instruction given by the Medical Coordinator.

Compliance & Ethics
Promote and encourage a culture of compliance and ethics throughout Dünya Doktorları Derneği. As applicable to the position, maintains a clear understanding of Dünya Doktorları Derneği and donor compliance and ethics standards and adheres to those standards. Conducts work with the highest level of integrity. Communicates these values to staff and to partners and requires them to adhere to these values.
Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse
Actively promote PSEA (Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse) standards within Dünya Doktorları Derneği and amongst beneficiaries served by Dünya Doktorları Derneği.

NB: considering the purpose and values of the organisation, DDD requests to its employee complete flexibility in term of duties and commitment, as their job description and job title can be adjusted throughout the year according to needs and priorities.

Expected profile

Knowledge & Experience
University degree in the medical sector Medical Doctor
At least 5 years of professional experience, including 2 years in similar positions.
Experience in remote management and emergency response.
Experience in extended negotiations with local authorities, partners and staff in complex situations.
Capacity to work in a volatile security context and able to apply strict security rules.
Capacity to create links with partners and local actors/communities.
Ability to manage a team and work in an international team.

Required: English & Arabic (oral and written);
Asset: Turkish

General Qualities required:
Reactivity, anticipation, adaptability, and capacity to take initiatives.
Organizational skills.
Good writing and communication skills.
Team spirit.
Interest in Human Rights and International Humanitarian Principles and Law.
Capacity to work and to live in tense conditions (climate, cultural context, close and confined quarter

Dünya Doktorları Derneği is an equal opportunity employer whereby we ensure all hiring and employment decisions, and operates all programs, services, and functions without the practices that discriminate against any person employed or seeking employment based on race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national or ethnic origin, age, marital status, disability, genetic information or any other status or characteristic protected under applicable law.

How to apply:
Please apply with your CV and motivation letter in ENGLISH through our website
The deadline for submitting the applications is 04.05.2022

Due to the urgency to fill this post, DDD reserves the right to review the CVs on a rolling basis and selected candidates may be interviewed prior to the closing dates listed, therefore early applications are encouraged.

DDD is not in a position to respond to every applicant individually due to the anticipated high number of applications.

Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted for the first interview.

General Information
DDD retains the discretion to re-advertise the vacancy, to cancel the recruitment, to offer a contract with a modified job description or for a different duration, or to offer a contract at a lower grade.