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مساعد مراقبة و تقييم - ادلب


مساعد مراقبة و تقييم - ادلب

Position: Meal Assistant

Project Code: HOMA-002

Functional tasks

Participate in the development of tools and guidelines for data collection, comparison and reporting.

- Perform document processing through data collection and information gathering.

Participate in the design and implementation of data quality assessments, files and work mechanism.

Providing the program manager with feedback on the data that the project and its tools are designed to collect in time appropriate and as needed.

Work on developing the monitoring and evaluation department, its mechanisms and files.

Carry out regular monitoring of the work plan and activities being implemented to ensure project performance, quality and timeliness

and its accuracy.

Preparing weekly and monthly reports with data analysis process and providing recommendations to the Programs Department.

Organizing and implementing focus groups or individual sessions to document lessons learned and practices

Good and areas of development that can be worked on.

Performs other tasks as may be requested by the Program Manager.

Expected Experience and Personal Features

- Holds a university degree.

Work in humanitarian organizations for a period of no less than two years.

- He can speak English well.

Possess knowledge and/or experience in protection and civil society issues.

Good knowledge of Office programs

Planning and business follow-up skills.

Possess strong communication skills and work with people from different cultures.

Experience in conducting interviews.

Experience using data collection tools.

Experience in conducting verification of target persons.

Experience in writing monitoring reports and submitting bi-monthly and monthly reports in English at an advanced level.

من يود التقديم يجب عليه إرسال السيرة الذاتية وخطاب النوايا باللغة الإنجليزية من خلال بريد الموارد البشرية الخاص بنا 

يجب كتابة رمز الوظيفة في خط الموضوع