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مساعد مراقبة و تقييم - كفرتخاريم

مساعد مراقبة و تقييم - كفرتخاريم

 Job Descriptions of MEAL assistant

Project name: Women and Girls Safe Space

Contract Duration: 7 months

Positions: 1

Job Type: Full Time


Amal is a Non-Governmental Organization, has been established by a group of believers in

the supreme humanitarian values, as a response to the humanitarian needs for the

affected people, and to push this category towards a better condition.

Job Descriptions

• General Objective: To conduct monitoring and verification activities of the implementation of

the activities of all programs

• The link between the beneficiary and Amal Organization for Relief and Development, as it is

the independent regulatory body.

Main tasks and responsibilities:

• Carrying out periodic visits to ensure the progress of all project activities, some using special

tools and others relying on observation

• Follow up on the project indicators tracking schedule and adhere to the date of sending them

• Carrying out paper and electronic documentation and archiving of all project activities

• Manage the data collection process for the means of verification

• Conducting confidential inspection tours to workplaces and submitting immediate reports with


• Immediate communication with the direct manager when sensitive matters related to the

implementation of the project occur

• Implementation of all work requirements that are requested by the line manager

• Conducting interviews (questionnaires) with the beneficiaries to ensure the service provided

• Preparing special reports on its activity and the results of periodic visits

• Ensuring the quality and quality of the transmitted data and taking responsibility for it

• Receiving complaints from beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries and transferring them to


• Doing surveys that are required to be after the project even if the PDM contract has ended

• Document all tasks using photos and videos

• Carrying out all kinds of questionnaires, surveys and assessments that are requested of him

• Moving between projects as directed by the line manager to conduct monitoring operations

Required academic qualifications:

✓ Certificate of specialization in the rest of the projects according to the type of project (water -

food security - agriculture - livelihood)

✓ Minimum university degree

✓ Skills and Abilities Required:

Communication skills and creating solutions

✓ ability to plan

✓ The ability to make observations based on accuracy of observation and observation

Required experiences:

✓ Experience in dealing with computer programs, especially Microsoft Office

✓ Experience in data collection

✓ Very good level of English

Required personal attributes:

• Strength of character - dealing in ways that preserve the dignity of employees and beneficiaries

• Intelligence - quick wit and finding solutions - acumen

• Decision-making power – fairness

Child Protection and Sexual Harassment Policy

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