أهم الفرص

مسؤول مراقبة و تقييم ميداني - سوريا/ ادلب - كفر تخاريم

مسؤول مراقبة و تقييم ميداني - سوريا/ ادلب - كفر تخاريم

Position: Field M&E Officer

Line Manager: M&E Officer in HQ

Reports: 1 monthly report + Ad-hoc reports

Main Purpose:

The M&E officer is responsible for ensuring that project activities are carried out in accordance with

project policies and regulations and reporting on implemented activities. Ensure that the feedback is

provided in a transparent and credible manner and develop a follow-up and evaluation plan for the

project based on the project's logical framework,

Key Responsibilities

• Develop the project's follow-up and evaluation plan based on the project's logical


• Collect data on project indicators while ensuring data and time quality.

• Implement regular field visits to project work areas to assess achievement against the

project plan.

• Set up a mechanism for managing feedback / complaints about beneficiaries, analyzing and

addressing them.

• Training the project team in the concepts of follow-up and evaluation, data collection

models and reports.

• Preparing weekly, monthly and quarterly reports for the project, with continuous data flow


• He worked on studying the satisfaction measurement of the beneficiaries, a case study,

success stories and lessons learned in cooperation with the media officer.

• Performing the pre- and post-evaluation of all project activities.

• Any other tasks required from the enterprise and project management.


• College degree,

• At least 2 years’ experience in the field of follow-up and evaluation.

• Fluency in English and writing and pronunciation.

• Familiarity with the principles of humanitarian action.

• Experience in data collection and interviewing.

• Preparing and analyzing reports.

• The ability to work in a team spirit.

• Excellent experience in communicating with others and the skills of organizing and writing


• Working on computer systems and programs such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint.

• The ability to plan, organize and solve problems

• the ability to work under pressure

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