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مسؤول المياه والصرف الصحي والنظافة الصحية - اعزاز

مسؤول المياه والصرف الصحي والنظافة الصحية - اعزاز 

SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL launches the external recruitment of a:




SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL (SI) is a French humanitarian organization which provides aid and assistance to victims of war or natural disaster. For over 40 years the association has focused on meeting three vital needs - water, food and shelter.

SI is an equal opportunity employer and will assess applications received based on the requirements mentioned below. By submitting your application, you certify that the information provided is true, complete, and verifiable. Any applications containing misrepresentation or falsified information will be excluded from the recruitment process. Please note that SI will contact your former employers if applicable as well as your professional references. SI does not require or accept any compensation whatsoever in exchange for recruitment.


List of main tasks:

I. Set-up and operational monitoring:

• Under the supervision of the WASH Supervisor he/she refers to, the wash officer takes part in logistical and administrative organization and the planning and preparation of the organization WASH activities

• Prepare studies, designs and plans for water and sanitation networks as requested

• Daily supervision of the construction work using Organization International tools (in particular):

o Take part in the identification of sites where work is to be carried out

o Carry out technical assessments of identified sites and make recommendations for appropriate tailored interventions

o Recruit and train the workforce and daily workers if needed

o Monitor contractors’ work according to contracts, deadlines, budget, and technical guidelines

o Quality management: make sure contractors provide samples of materials, equipment and fittings prior to implementation, check that samples meet requirements and specifications and fulfil intended purpose, reject samples if quality is not acceptable

• Anticipate any problems associated with the management of his/her activity and propose solutions to avoid them

• Manage the supply of worksite materials as instructed by supervisor and by collaborating with the logistics department

• Report to the Supervisor on the state of decentralized stock (‘field’ stock) on his/her sites.

• Take part to the evaluation of the technical competence of contractors

• Respect Organization administrative procedures before, during and after each work project

• Establish safety and security measures for each activity and ensure that these rules are respected by the workforce under his/ her supervision and by the population

• Provide training to all relevant beneficiaries (daily labourers and/or beneficiaries) to ensure the safe and

appropriate use of facilities installed.

II. Reporting/communication /representation:

• Keep his/her monitoring tools and files archived in the organization office, accessible to his/her team

leader and/or project manager

• Take part in the drafting of project progress reports under the supervision of the WASH program


• Take part in seminars and workshops related to the carrying-out of activities and to project objectives

• Report to the WASH Supervisor regarding the development of activities and specific tasks that he/she

has been assigned, any problems encountered and the quality of relations with the beneficiaries

• Report back all information or problems linked to his/her activity, organization programs or safety issues

• Make sure that the security rules are perfectly well known understood and followed by the daily


• Listen to the local population and authorities in order to identify any needs, complaints, or major events

which could affect the activities of organization

• Analyze the humanitarian situation by taking into account protection issues/Do No Harm to the


• Take part in lessons learnt workshops and other program evaluation activities.

• Collaborate with local authorities and administration

• Undertake any other duties that may be assigned by the Line Manager


• Studies: Diploma (Bachelor) in Engineering + 2 years of experience in the same areas.

• If no diploma or lower diploma in these areas equivalent and 3 years progressive

experiences in WASH and Construction fields will be requested.

• Experience: Previous INGO experience will be a plus

• Languages: Demonstrated skills in spoken and written ENGLISH will be a plus

• IT: Knowledge of MS office programs & other engineering programs.

Thanks to send your application with a resume, cover letter, copy of ID card issued by the local council, and

copy of diplomas.

By link to:

Deadline for submitting applications: 02-July-2022