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منسق مالي - غازي عنتاب


منسق مالي - غازي عنتاب

Job Title: Finance Coordinator

Job Location: Türkiye/Gaziantep

Deadline: 19-09-2022

Description: The Finance Coordinator is responsible for overseeing, coordinating, and administering the financial records, systems and processes of the organization, including accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and benefits, record keeping, banking, insurance and all related financial and office administration.

Goal: To provide and ensure consistent, timely and accurate financial management and administration of the organization’s finances, financial systems, processes, and records in order to meet the organization’s financial goals. To assist in ensuring compliance with all appropriate regulatory, policy and legal requirements, and to assist in securing and maintaining the long-term financial viability and stability of the Organization.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Manage the financial transactions of the organization.

2. Manage all bank accounts of the organization.

3. Manage and implement all financial and legal documentation either to external auditors or to the governments.

4. Review the received financial paperwork, which must correspond to the financial documents of the projects and grants.

5. Prepare periodic financial reports to be submitted to the direct manager.

6. Manage all financial databases and followup data related to the organization.

7. Develop financial temples.

8. Pay the project payments in coordination with the Program Department and Project management.

9. Coordinate constantly with the supply chain and Human Resources Departments to develop common models and coordinate work overlaps.

10. Manage the receipt of all financial documents relating to any project and verify their validity.

11. Review memorandums of understanding and contracts prior to signing

12. prepare the budget of projects in coordination with the Department of Programs.

13. Prepare the financial budgeting of the organization on a regular basis and upon request.

Required Qualifications:

• Minimum 2 years professional and proven experience leading, managing, coordinating, and implementing humanitarian projects.

• A professional accounting designation (CPA) or equivalent education and full cycle accounting experience.

• In depth understanding of accounting principles for non-profit organizations.

• Solid Adagio (or equivalent accounting software), Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Invoicing and General Ledger knowledge and experience.

• Solid Paymate Clarity (or equivalent payroll software) knowledge and experience with inhouse payroll processing.

• Strong computing skills (Word processing and Excel).

• Skills and solid experience with financial systems, financial reporting, financial and business planning, budget preparation and adherence to statutory, regulatory, and other policy standards and requirements.

• Ability to accurately analyze, interpret, summarize, and present financial information.

• Ability to work in a demanding self-supervisory, multi-task environment within clear timelines.

• Strong interpersonal, and cooperative working skills.

• Excellent verbal and written communications skills.

• Strong administrative ability and organizational skills.

• Ability and willingness to maintain confidentiality.

• High attention to detail and a high level of accuracy.

• Very good written and spoken English skills.

How to apply

If you are interested in the position, kindly fill the link

 by 19 Sep 2022,

please note that the position may be filled before the deadline of submission of applications.

Note: Priority for Turkish citizenship holders.