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اخصائي تنمية القدرات - غازي عنتاب

اخصائي تنمية القدرات - غازي عنتاب

Capacity development specialist

Deadline: October 31, 2022




One of the most important programs of ACU is the Development Programs Unit DPU, it was newly established at the end of 2019, including projects from different sectors (Economic Empowerment, Governance, and Civic Engagement)

Now, after two years of work, it was necessary to improve the working mechanism followed and consult with an outside party on what the best mechanisms were to improve the performance of the department and its work in line with the vision of ACU.

The main task of the specialist is to review and evaluate the DPU’s work as a department and as staff, develop and organize the department processes, and establish the necessary tools and methodologies suitable for the work environment of the ACU and potential donors.

Objectives:The DPU has clear vision, strategies, procedures, policy, and guidelines.
The DPU performance has been increased.

Key Responsibilities:

The specialist will be mainly responsible for:Assessing the DPU situation and performance regarding ACU vision and portfolio.
Developing strategic and communication plans (short and long term).
Developing SOPs, policies, and guidelines for DPU which fit with ACU vision and capability.
Revising the DPU’s existing strategy, structure, and staff’ TORs.
Designing a training program to raise the staff capacity.
Leading the change management process.
Mentoring and advising the staff till accept the change.
Setting KPIs and measuring the performance after the changes.
Developing the needed methodologies and tools and best practices.

Key activities & deliverables :
Activity/Deliverable Duration Review
DPU assessment report CEO
SOPs, policy, and guidelines CEO
Developed DPU structure and TORs CEO
Strategic and communication plans (short and long term). CEO
Capacity building program CEO
Methodologies and tools and best practices CEO
Final report CEO


S/he shall have a Master in Business administration / Strategic Planning or any other related field.
S/he should have a minimum of ten (10) years of professional academic experience, including at least 7 years of experience in strategic planning and capacity development.
S/he should have 5 years of proven experience in senior management/supervision level.
S/he should have 5 years of proven experience in humanitarian sector or conflict zones.
Substantial/relevant professional proven experience in working in strategic planning/designing SPOs, policies, and guidelines, especially related to NGOs.
Good understanding of the Syrian context and knowledge of national and international institutions operating in the field.
Experience in training and drafting workshops and other materials required.
Experience in preparation and leading strategic planning and developing workshops and discussions.
Advanced Level of English & Arabic languages.

Core & Technical Competencies: Core Competencies:Communication
Planning and Organizing
Analytical skills
negotiation skills.
Technological Awareness.

2.Supervisor/Managerial Competencies:
Empowering Others
Building Trust
Managing Performance

3. Technical Competencies:Understanding of MS planner and other tasks management methods.