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قائد فريق صحة مجتمعية - اسقاط

قائد فريق صحة مجتمعية - اسقاط

Position Title: CHW Team Leader

Location: Iskat 

Reports To: CHW Field Assistant

Type of Contract: Full Time

Date Of Posting: October 07, 2022

How to Apply:

In case you meet the requirements and that you are interested in the position, please send your CV and Cover Letter in

English in addition to three professional references to before October 21, 2022, stating in the subject “

CHW Team Leader - Iskat


Please note that the position may be filled before the deadline for submission of the applications.

2022 مع كتابة اسم الوظيفة بخانة الايميل -10- قبل 21 ) ( يمكنك ارسال السرية الذاتية الى الايميل

CHW Team Leader - Iskat

About RI

Relief International is a leading nonprofit organization working in roughly 20 countries to relieve poverty, ensure wellbeing

and advance dignity. We specialize in fragile settings, responding to natural disasters, humanitarian crises and

chronic poverty. Relief International combines humanitarian and development approaches to provide immediate services

while laying the groundwork for long-term impact. Our signature approach — which we call the RI Way—emphasizes local

participation, an integration of services, strategic partnerships and a focus on civic skills. In this way, we empower

communities to find, design and implement the solutions that work best for them.


Under the direct supervision of the CHW Assistant, the Community Team Leader will act as the front line of RI Health

Services in specific locations, providing health awareness, hygiene promotion, and psychosocial support sessions to

vulnerable populations based on trainings and ongoing support from RI health program and facility management. In

addition to doing direct supervision on the CHW team members in the field. And provide the admin and technical support

to the CHWs.


• Education

o Minimum University Degree in Education, social and health field or any related field. And Medical institute and

Nursing schools.

• Experience

Qualifications & Requirements:

• Education

1. Minimum University Degree in Education, social and health field or any related field. And Medical

institute and Nursing schools.

• Experience

a. Minimum 2-year experience in community health activities or facilitator in the same field. With

at least one year of experience in leading a team of CHWs.

• Specific requirements for the position

1. Strong communication skills. And leadership skills.

2. Has CHW training is a must. , IYCF, PSS are advantages.

3. Sensitivity to the needs and priorities of different sectors of the community.

4. Trust and wide acceptance by the community.

5. Strong desire to assist in health and community outreach.

• IT Skills:

1. KOBO Knowledge, good ability to deal with Tablets and deal with online systems. As advantage.

• Desired requirements

1. Diplomacy, tact, and negotiating skills.

2. Ability to spend a particular amount of time per week in training and education as needed.


• Health, Hygiene, Psychosocial awareness:

• Coordinate with CHW&HP Field Assistant and RI staff regarding CHW&HP activities and responsibilities.

• Disseminate health, hygiene promotion, and psychosocial awareness to community members at the

services providing locations, by conducting home visits, giving group education events, and/or performing outreach in the community.

• Actively attend the team's weekly meetings and effectively share updates and information with the team leaded by the team leader and commit to weekly schedule and the education sessions topics and


• Act as the link between RI staff and the affected population at community level by reporting community

comments or complaints, and by spreading information and performing community mobilization.

• Help identify key health practices to be addressed and help to plan and carry out appropriate activities to promote safe practices, including:

• Communication activities such as community meetings, educational events, use of IEC materials, etc.….

• Ensure that these activities are conducted to a high standard and are in line with RI’s organizational ethics and code of conduct.

• Encourage the participation of community members throughout health promotion activities.

• Use resources effectively and with care.

• Supervision:

Supervise the team work by means of:

• Conduct beginning of the week meeting with the teams at the health facility on the first working day of every week to enhance the team spirit and prepare the team week schedule that includes the movement plan, and the education topics.

• Conduct end of week meeting with the teams at the health facility at the last working day of every week to exchange experience, discuss the main educated topics, highlight the main incidences, and enhance the team spirit.

• Support every team by joining it for three working days a week in order to provide leadership, support, and ensure the quality of services provided.

• Lead the team to achieve the program goals focusing on the quality of the services provided

• Training:

• Actively participate in RI’s trainings on health, hygiene promotion, and psychosocial support topics. And any other required training.

• Participate in M&E activities for impact measurement assessment when applicable (surveys, FGD,

interviews, community organizing etc.).

• Coordination:

• Coordinate with CHW&HP Field Assistant and RI staff regarding CH&HP activities and responsibilities, additionally to ensuring the field CHWs safety and security

• Help the CHWs & HP field assistant and the program Coordinator evaluating the CHWs performance, the quality of services provided. In addition to propose developments, and suggest new topics based on the

community and stakeholders’ feedback.

• Reporting:

• Work under direct supervision of the CHW&HP Field assistant in order to report information, attend

training, and receive instructions regarding activities in the local community.

• Collect basic demographic data on the community, including trends related to health and social service needs.

• Collect gathered data from the teams on daily basis.

• Report the gathered data to the CHW & HP field assistant and the program coordinator on weekly basis using the RI provided reporting form.

• Inform the field assistant about any proposed change, update, or any related information

• Record data on routine activities and Health conditions and forward it to the field assistant

• Reporting on evolving needs in the community, gaps in service access, and trends among targeted

populations relevant to program implementation.

• Establish community mapping, links with other services and referral mechanisms

Effectively participate in periodic surveys and help feedback findings to stakeholders and the community