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مدير جمع التبرعات - غازي عنتاب

مدير جمع التبرعات - غازي عنتاب

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• الموقع: تركيا- غازي عنتاب

• الموعد النهائي: 05.12.2022


The Main Purpose:

The Fundraising Manager has to hold the responsibility of the strategic development function of Silk Road SRO and drives its fundraising efforts to secure the resources needed to advance the SRO’s work. The Fundraising Manager have to provide the senior management with a frequent reports related to fundraising activities  and maintain sustainable revenue in partnership with major donors, organizations, corporate partners, and governments. The Fundraising manager works closely with the management and staff team, Finance and Administration, Communications and other departments to build the SRO’s ‘Case for Support’ that will result in sustainable revenue. The Fundraising Manager has knowledge of the existing local, regional and national funding community in Middle East, Europe, Canada, and the USA and how a comprehensive not-for-profit operation prioritizes, launches, and maintains a selection of the following:  capital campaigns, annual giving, special giving, major targeted gifts, gift of shares, planned giving and bequests, grants and contributions from governments. This function have to maintain a close relationship with other job functions to develop and leverage relationships that result in meeting or exceeding target fund raising goals that ensure the SRO’s projects and core operations are appropriately and sustainably resourced.

Personal skills:

•Leadership skills. The Fundraising Manager may lead teams of employees, which requires vision casting, task delegation, administration, and other leadership competencies.

•Writing and speaking skills. Fundraising manager should clearly convey why the project, cause, or organization is worthwhile. S/he may also need to field questions about the use of the collected funds. Writing skills are also essential for drafting grant proposals or corresponding with donors.

•Financial acumen. S/he may also undertake basic financial management, bookkeeping, and accounting tasks to ensure that they are accurately tracking their fundraising progress.

•Project management and organizational skills. The Fundraising Manager may have to hit certain goals or milestones, progress down a fundraising timeline, or fulfill small steps — such as events — on the way toward achieving broader goals. The ability to organize and manage these milestones is integral to their completion and success.

•Creative problem-solving skills. The Fundraising Manager may need to exhibit outside-the-box thinking as S/he seek new, more effective ways to get the word out about the Silk Road projects or cause — or to attract new financial donations.

•Interpersonal skills. The Fundraising Manager will likely have face-to-face meetings with big donors or recurring supporters, expressing their gratitude, answering questions, and maintaining ongoing support.

Educational qualifications:

Bachelor’s or Master degree in marketing, public relations or related field, with 5-10 years’ experience leading major fundraising campaigns.

Tasks and Duties:


•Collaborate with the Board of Directors, management, and staff team to create a fund development plan, which increases revenues to support the strategic priorities of the SRO.

•Maintain accurate and up-to-date donor and fundraising data in a Customer Relations  Management-type database that respects the privacy and confidentiality of donor information.

•Foster an understanding of philanthropy within Silk Road organization.

•Monitor and report the progress of the fund development plan of SRO.

•Research, evaluate, recommend new fundraising opportunities and tactics in alignment with the SRO’s values, strategic priorities, and program work.

•Assist the leadership team in preparing fundraising reports and materials for the  Board of Directors, and supporting directors’ fundraising efforts.

•Establish relationships with other internal parties such as the Project Managers, and  financial officers to determine efficient means of communication; exchange information, reports etc. 

•Meet with Finance Manager: raise any issues, challenges, or opportunities for  improvements, track results of fund raising efforts through financial reports.

•Celebrate successes and troubleshoot challenges with staff team.

•Agree to take on assignments or tasks.

•Follow-up on action items by completing tasks and documenting results.


•Develop compelling proposals, reports, budgets, and other grant materials for high net worth people, foundations, and corporate fundraising, including sponsorships that      articulate the SRO’s accomplishments and aspirations.

•Develop policies and procedures that reflect ethical fundraising practices.

•Implement fundraising activities such as: use ethical fundraising principles, oversee the planning and execution of special fundraising events specified in a  fund development plan, and engage volunteers for special fund development projects using established volunteer management practices.

•Manage all deadlines, workflows, and project plans for fundraising activities including: Internal timelines for collection of information, the timely completion schedules, projection of successful achievement of funding requests.

•Work with staff to track grant deliverables.

•Participate in the planning and coordination of creative, strategic, and meaningful appeals, campaigns, and activities to engage new and existing donors both online  and in-person.

Relationships Building:

•Work with the senior managers to use impactful storytelling and communications methods to convey the power of collaborative action to external   partners.

•Understand all aspects of the SRO’s Mission.

•Steward and leverage relationships with existing funders that result in meeting or exceeding target fundraising goals.

•Actively seek to deepen current donor relationships and forge new ones.

•Support the management team, and Board members in relationship development with  high net worth people, foundation and corporate funders and major donors, including: researching prospects; developing presentations and information packages; scheduling and participating in meetings and site visits. 

•Develop and maintain relationship management systems that increase the SRO’s capacity to cultivate and sustain meaningful relationships with donors  and funders.

Competencies and Values: 

•Ability to research, analyse, evaluate and synthesize information.

•Knowledge of current market research theories and practices, fundraising and marketing techniques.

•General ability to draft clearly and concisely ideas and concepts in written and oral form.

Dynamism, creativity, sale and promotion skills.

•Proven ability to work as part of a team and to work independently.

•Commitment and integrity.

Application Process:

Interested candidates should submit a resume and thoughtful cover letter, outlining how your skills and experience meet the qualifications of the position at the email

 including the subject: Fundraising Manager